Monday, January 7, 2013

Washi Tape Cards

I do love Washi Tape. Heck I love all tapes. This week when I showcase my new room renovation I'm slightly embarrassed to share and show just how much tape I have that I prolly shouldn't. Packing tapes, athletic tapes, washi tapes, masking tapes, paper tapes, fabric tapes, duct tapes, tissue tapes... for the love of tapes! Oh well. They make me happy. Today sharing with you the easiest card you will ever make with tapes. Simple lay the tapes down on the card, snip the excess, and add a sentiment right on the tapes, in between the tapes or on a cute tag! Easy enough and takes literally 2 minutes to make each one. These would make excellent Birthday invites etc. Thanks for stopping by today! Stay tuned this month for some very fun giveaways of some fun Washi tapes from one of my fave stores!


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