Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Photo Light Box for $6!!

So, I know I should have done this some time ago. However, sometimes it's the last thing I think about of course until I want to take a picture and have it look nice and semi-professional. I made a photo box this weekend, as cheaply as I could. Two pieces of cheapo ($1 per sheet) foam board cur right down the center to make 2 pieces. Some blue painters tape, hot glue and I picked up a curtain that was $8 but I got for 3.50! I probably had something I could of used however I liked the idea of picking up something new and fresh white for this. 

I then taped up the pieces with the painters tape to hold the structure while gluing it. I ran my hot glue gun along the seams. It worked great to secure all of the sides. 

This is what I ended up with when it was all said and done. 

Add a sheet or curtain, that could have been ironed, but I really wasn't putting that much work into my 10 minute project. I needed to take a picture and needed to take it then.  Super simple and easy. Not time at all and it creates a nice white backdrop for pictures. It doesn't have a top on it, however I get enough natural and synthetic light I don't need one at this point. Who know though it may have a lid later this week but for now it's just a nice solid backdrop for pictures. 

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