Monday, November 12, 2012

Men Craft Too! Welcome Mark and Justie

Today I'm here to share with you all two new crafters I've recently began following. Both have very unique was of crafting that I just swoon over. Both were kind enough to share some images of their work with me to showcase. When you have a chance pop over there and say "Hi" to them. I love stumbling upon new and up coming amazing talent!

***Mark is the first artist. His pieces have such great depth and overall funness (yes that's a word, even if it does show a red squiggly line under it). I think you will all just love the uniqueness of his pieces. 

You can check out his blog HERE

***The next gentleman I'm showcasing is Justie. I love the simplicity of his crafting. Right now he's been primarily focused on a Heritage album, that is just great! I have always loved vintage albums and the many ways people showcase their pictures, something about how simple yet elegant Justie crafts that just draws me to always look at his new pages. Check out his blog HERE

Thanks for looking! Do you know a male crafter that you'd like to see showcased? If so send me a link to their blog!


  1. Thank you for the show case, great idea. And Justie, really liking the pages, colours are stunning. love the maple leaf.
    Mark x

  2. Thanks for the "shout out" it really nice of ya. Glad you liked my work. Mark you have really nice layout. I like your first two pieces.


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