Monday, July 16, 2012

Homemade Thickers

So, I have been playing with making my own stencil letters. I  call them a homemade thickers. I took the stencil and then filled it with molding paste. I did the light molding paste so that it kept the letters nice and light. I played with many ideas I'll share more of later on how to make these your own. For instance when you pull up the stencil you can easily sprinkle some glitter on them. Once their dry you can also add a bit of water to a washcloth and then dappen the tops and flock the letters. So many possibilities. I of course love them all and just make these to keep on hand. They do need to dry for about 4 hours and make sure to do on wax paper or a non stick mat. 

I also did some in hot glue words, which are always fun. I've done a few tutorials on them before. 


  1. Cool idea! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

    I have that same stencil- I found it at the HL outlet for 20 cents. I might hafta find some modeling paste...


  2. THATS WHERE I GOT MINE. I plan on using them this week on some cards or maybe some art journal pages.. we shall see. None the less I plan on showing some of them. Ohh wait until you see my new organization... not saying you need it at all.. haha I live alot like you with everything in organized choas.


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