Sunday, June 10, 2012

This and That

So, little things that have been happening in my life the last few months!

Knolla is just as silly as ever... at about 110lbs, she's about 1.5 yrs old and has been coming into her own becoming the dog I knew she could be. I mean she has taken on all of Kujo's great qualities. When walking, she stops at all intersections, goes and lays down when told too and has just been pretty darn amazing.

This picture is a rare occasion, Kujo has had more and more going wrong with her body... and she almost never allows Knolla to lay near her. However this night Knolla was licking her and laying with her. Kujo's days are limited.. no matter how much i will her to live another 12 years.... but man I love that dog.

I finally bought the first pair of heels I've owned in a while.... I have yet to wear them, however Desi has played in them many time.. here she is doing her smoochie face... UGH hate how fast she's trying to grow up.

Amazing lamp I picked up from my fave. auction picker.. check them out on FB you can find them HERE  I get some amazing items from them.. this being one of them!

Knolla being her!

The kids have learned to close thier doors, or Knolla comes in and pulls back the sheet and lays down on their beds.

The window Eric replaced after I accidently put my hand through it... haha Thank goodness for a handy man.

Haven't played with it but can't wait to play with this chalk board paper I have!

Officially waaaaaay ready for new season!!! Will be playign Broncos for first game.. hello Peyton!

My new lamp as well as a crate I filled with vintage Golden and other vintage books.

New bicycle I picked up.. wooove it. Have somethign new comign to add to it as well.

hahaha this is simply a bet I lost.. that he couldn't grow a beard for a month without shaving.. man hates not to be clean shaved.. haha.. needless to say he made it and won the bet.

Returned Mr Easter to his owner... I about cried.. boooo but was the right thing to do.

Lots of great BBQ's.

2 months after the darn tooth came loose.. desi finally lost it!!! Sucky part is new tooth is already growing in.. lol Date misrepresented.. this was in June.

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