Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hide and Seek

So, I have been VERY MIA lately. I have tons of reasons for this absence however to shorten the length of this post I'll only share a few, non personal ones. First and foremost prior to Spring Break I had taken Desiree shopping to get her own crafting supplies, including but not limited to inks, paper pads, die cuts, stickers, embellishments and so forth. I figured if she could craft maybe her and her brother wouldn't kill one another over spring break. (It rained the entire week here!) So they were stuck inside with one another. Not a great combo. Anyways, bought her stuff and to my surprise it all worked. They didn't fight, I didn't receive a ton of calls at work. Success right? RIGHT!!!

Well sorta. I had been super busy and then the weekend before they attended school we went to Eric's mom's house to do some renovating. I get home Sunday and finally take a peak into the room expecting a mess, because well she's 6.5, but OMG!!!! It was far more than I had anticipated. There was a nice ASS chewing involved and some grounding and then a cool down period. Which in turn made me close the door after the long weekend and say, another day I shall tackle this, and in the meantime, no little people in there until it's been done. Well, a day turned into 2, and them some commitments got in the way and needless to say it sat for another week as is.

Last night I decided to dive into it and cancel all previous engagements and tackle it head on. I missed being in there, I missed creating, I was tired of avoiding it, hoping I'd walk in and everything would be pretty and in it's place. This is what it looked like. Literally a pig sty not even I wanted to organized and I am OCD about organizing things! Anywho, it all got cleaned up and taken care of! Lots of creation were made following the clean sweep. I'll share those later.

On a side not anyone waiting on prizes, this is why they have not been mailed out yet but will be this week and I'll be in touch via email when they are!

From the door looking in, now tell me would you just want to walk in and dive into creativity! If this wasn't enough continue looking to see what it became. 

Here is Desiree's desk. Not too much of a mess because I had begun cleaning it before taking these pictures. A tool box somehow also ended up in there, not sure how but I'm sure Eric didn't want to take it outside to shed. 

A mess of what used to be my desk with new stuff and old stuff just piles on it. 

Now alot of this is mine. Some nifty old radio's I picked up, old coke crate and old nursery books and layouts that need to be put in albums. 

Empty Mary Kay boxes, that i had yet to tear down. Them my daughter's MESS. She decided she not only would use her desk but also the desk my sewing machine and T.V. sit on, so that she could be closer to the T.V. See all of the trash everywhere!!! You however can't see the 3 bottles of mist she thought she needed to use covering pages of paper, all to just paint over it!
So much crap that i can't even open the door all the way. This is a bin of Halloween costumes I gathered up to sell, because I no longer run my preschool. A travel bag filled with Mary Kay inventory, wall hangings and light fixture's I've taken down for one reason or another that have yet to find a home. 

Okay so not all of the mess is my daughters or form Spring break. I admit some stuff is mine that was just placed in here. For instance. WHY ON EARTH would I need a tampon in my scrappin space???? Who the heck knows, and yet as you see here. Here it sites with a hodge podge of other items that need to find a home. Needless to say i'm very happy everything has found it's homes now, because I was tired of playing hide and seek with my stuff!

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  1. wowowow!! after all this i can certainly understand why you have been mia! i hope things have settled down for ya and you can relax a bit! great cards!!

    do we get the "after" pics of your room?



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