Thursday, March 15, 2012


I know this week I've been MIA alot. I ask for your forgiveness. While I would love to bluntly lie to you and say how much stuff I have been getting done and all these great projects and ideas I can't wait to share with you.........................

The sad truth is I haven't been in my craft room unless it's been to put something away or clean it up a bit. I've been working on trying to maintain it in a working condition.. I often and will probably go back to failing at this. However, I have been trying.

Spring is the busiest time I have at work. I work for a landscaping company and this is when the shit hits the fan with stuff to do and people to please. I LOVE IT.

I really do, love being so busy the day just sweeps out from under me. But this week Eric... (the long time boyfriend) also got a job to tide him over from boredom until he's out of school in a month in a half. I'll admit I have become soooo rotten! When I got home most nights, my son has done the dish's from the night before as well.. I gave birth to him so he can pay me back a little with some dishes. Eric had vacuumed and swept and even done some laundry most day when he was home. So, I got a little spoiled just have to do a few things and make supper. However now that he's working we both leave first thing in the morning and I don't see him and he doesn't see our house until about 10:30 that night when hes done with school. IT SUCKS. Hell it sucked before because I didn't get to see him but now I take on household crud again. lol So it sucks more now! So that's where I have been Monday I had my colon checked out to make sure no more cancer has tried to sneak in and while I'm sure I would have been thrilled to blog about it, it would have been unreadable to the unhigh person. lol  For the record Mondays post was pre written so you could read it.

I'm also selling Mary Kay now which, ummmmmm is not like me at all, but I'm enjoying it even though it takes up some time.. need naything.. let me know.. hee hee. Also hosting finace classes each week. Oh how busy the week has become!

Anyways, I'm looking to get into my room this week and get some crafting done, I'm at the point of foaming at the mouth to create something and I have a fun new prompt to use for my journal so I may begin there and get the crafting juices pumping through my veins again!

But I have missed you all. I have soo much to check in on. I haven't even had time to catch up on all of your wonderful blog posts other than here and there. I've also been brainstorming some new challenges! YAY


Feedback is always appreciated! Let me hear what you have to say!