Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Saturday...

Are you crafting??????????

If not get to it, it's the most wonderful day to craft, okay maybe not the most wonderful day but pretty darn good. If you are crafting.. what are you working on???

I plan on crafting tonight and tomorrow. Lots to do. I will be working on my art journal among other things.

I spent today... ummmmmmm
Shopping. I know I know. I buy far more than I use, SOOOOOOO what. A person needs options. My room is in need of being cleaned and reorganized. How's yours looking? Have you posted them to my blog to win this month, if not get to it!

I shopped today for some great home decor and then yes some arty stuff. I have a new canvas project I'm going to work on. Frickin stoked for it! I also bought some amazingly inspiring pieces for around my house. I love Tuesday Morning and Pier 1 (only the sale stuff) and Hobby Lobby and got some amazing deals today!

I shall share this week. Anywho, update with any picutes of your scrap areas, I'm dying to see them and there's tons of great goodies that are being given away! Also, check out the new "Men Craft Too" tab on the blog packed with men crafters. if you have anyone you'd like to have on there have them give me a shout out!

Anywho thats just a little update this far.

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