Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cityscape Update- lots of yummy texture

It's no secret that I love texture. I decided a while ago when I purchased this cityscape that it would not go int he normal form of a book. It would be a long shelf piece. I dug in last week and began getting some of the work done on them. Mostly right now just the main textures have been applies and OMG.. I love them all. Lots of pics here to show off all the great textures. like I said their far from done. Just showing some of the progress! Also came up with some great new techniques.. they were messy but they were soo much fun.

One of these is in straight course sandpaper and the other in canvas. I haven't decided if it will stay a creamy canvas or be treated with some color.

Who doesn't love this texture??? This texture is brought to you by Helmar Adhesive. That's right its adhesive. Scrap dots glue. Love the rubbery feel it gives!

Who doesn't just fall in love with this! Alittle Staz-on over the top to pull up that texture even more.

Some lovely Gritty molding paste and then misted for this great texture!

Love the stoney texture here!

This still needs trimmed a bit of the paper that dried to the back but I love this texture. I'll probably add some color to it. Its not glitter it's the wonderful little pebble balls. The name of them is escaping me right now.

Of course this is not done.. just some color play on the perfect green building.. texture to come!

Alittle molding paste to add some great texture here.

Some corrugated cardboard.. sanded it down a bit and painted it. Once again colors not done, but off to great start.

I saved my favorite for last. I wanted something that imitated some stonework. I fell in love with this! I have tons of duct tape. For this I took some white, tore it off into pieces and then put on non stick mat, then I painted, while paint was still wet, I coated in embossing power and then heat set. OMG.. I'm in love, the texture the feeling and look. Just amazing!!! I heat set some areas longer to get a black on some of the pieces.

Ok that's its for now ladies. Hope it spunked something in you. Get in there and craft. Try something new!!

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