Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This & That Tuesday

Tonight I'll be on Ustream at 8pm CST. You can come and just watch or log in with your email  and chat while watching. It only takes about 2 minutes if you don't already have an account.

 I'm going to be showing my new space... which is still in progress as well as a tutorial on making this nifty dimensional birdcage from the Tim Holtz bird cage die cuts. Come and view and chat, one lucky chatter will also win something this evening!!!! I'll also be showing off the prize of the month! The wonderful Basic Grey Out of Print papers!!! Here is a link to that wonderful giveaway for all the grand details on how to win and improve your chances of winning!

Here is my Ustream Channel. Become a follower if you like.

Ok, now to move on to some more this and that. I've been very motivated lately not so much by product as I have been by colors and things around me. Sometimes things that have nothing to do with crafting at all. My mock smash book has just been booming with ideas and things to do.

Now many of you know how much I adore Pinterest.com. I just love when I have a few minutes of down time going through and "pinning" some new finds. Then when I have time I can go back and read more. So, I wanted to share my profile over there! Feel free to follow me and I shall follow you back. http://pinterest.com/craftdonkey/  I am looking forward to seeing you there! Now keep in mind when you create an account you may feel as I did like it's a secret club I may not be allowed into, as the email and message you rec. says something along the lines of they will get back to you when your application has been processed. Now if your me... your thinking WHAT?!?!? I have to be approved?? But, all that means really is your email confirmed and what not! I was "approved" within 12 hours!

Soooo, feel free to head on over, create an account and see how fast you become addicted to pinning! hee hee And if your already there, give me a shout and follow me.

OK, thats it for today! Be sure to pop in and say HI tonight while I'm recording!

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