Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This and That

Sharing a new creation today! I created this the other day. A little treat can for Halloween. This was created with a recycled Prima acrylic paint can. I had a lot of fun with this.. vintage German glass glitter, fun newly released papers!

I had soo much fun with this project! I used a double sided paper so that even when looking inside of the can there's some spooky paper in there as well. Custom dyed and painted the pleated ribbon along the rim. Just lots of fun happy halloween goodness here! Was thinking maybe I would do a tutorial on how to make this.......whatcha think? Do you want to see that?

I wanted to share as I always do, I used a ton of dimension and different textures and materials on this project. I first attempted to adhere things to the acyclic or paper with a general glue... BIG MISTAKE!!! I wrapped rubber bands around things to keep them in secure place while they dried. Take the bands off in an hour... THEY FALL OFF!! I should of known!

HELMAR to the rescue!!! Thank goodness for the quick dry 450 and the scrap dots! I used only them on the project to ensure it all stayed.... 3 days later.... nothing is coming off. Once again thank you Helmar!

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