Monday, August 8, 2011

Motivation Monday

So, this last week hasn't been nearly as motivational as I had originally anticipated. I had hopes that I would get all settled, and I was within a matter of 3 days, and booming to sit and craft away. Alas, no motivation hit me until Friday!!! But, when it did, I was booming with little things to do.. lol

I'm going to be sharing with you, all those mini things I did. A few will be tutorials in the upcoming weeks. You all are going to love them! That hidden journaling tutorial I was planning on doing before the move.. I"VE IMPROVED!!! It's not more fun and better than ever!!

I can't wait to show them all to you this week. Stay tuned this afternoon for the announcement of the JULY GIVEAWAY!!!

Envie I made from scratch.

Vintage book pages, some I self aged more and then all stmaped.

Deminisional birdcage
Pin holder!

Altered metal plate I found in yard upon moving.

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