Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Motivation Monday

Hope everyone had a super wonderful holiday filled with inspiration and pictures to play with later. I traveled about 6 hours this holiday to enjoy it with some family. It was alot of fun. Not sure how but was very peaceful (yes even with the fireworks going off) to get away. I came home with 6 pages filled with ideas in my smash book of things I want to do and try.

I have some fun exciting news to announce for tomorrow! Soo, be sure to check back for This and That Tuesday!

So, lets discuss that motivates you. This weekend I sat in my boyfriends mothers yard. It was amazing! She had soo many great flowers, vintage findings (I very much wanted to snatch up some birdcages I saw.. hee hee), fountains, etc. I sat and had nothing to do. I loved it.

Normally I find it hard to brainstorm and be creative as much during the summer as we've discussed before. But, this weekend I had a boom of ideas spill out! I can't wait to get started on them and share some of them. Literally pages upon pages of stuff.. What motivates you?

Can't wait to share the news for the month tomorrow!

For a bit of motivation here's a pic from my boyfriends mothers backyard with the birdcage. And some other pics of the backyard as well.. motivated a ton of things in my head! Can't wait to get started.  

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