Thursday, June 2, 2011


I GOT IT TODAY!!!!! I've been waiting for about 2 months and finally got my fave glue back in stock in my scrappin area!!!! Sooo excited I had to share! I've actually been holding off projects in waiting on this nifty glue.. it's amazing! This time I learne dmy lesson and ordered the huge bottles and 3 of them!!! Hee hee Crafty time!


  1. This glue looks like its a good glue. How much is it and where can I order it?

  2. Scraptastic.. is where I purchase mine from... but Helmar has a listing of those who sell it within the US and such.. It is amazing.. sticks everything! Anywho.. you can find them on facebook and also on my blog page here.. just click their logos.


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