Monday, June 6, 2011

Want a great Deal????

Of course you do!!!!!! Ok, so I contacted a great company that you can find on the side bar of my blog. Or linked below called Part Time Sally. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their stuff! Amazing, NEW products and cheap! Well, I talked to a new friend (owner..... thanks Danny) and well I got you ladies a great deal for following my blog!!!

Isn't that just amazing!!!! They already have amazing deals... some 10 to 70+ percent off! How awesome is that! Well I got an even better deal for you!

If you follow this blog you may also enter this code in the coupon section and rec. yet another 10 percent off!!!!! How cool is that! So be sure to share with your friends!


Soooooo, go one over there  and look around.. place an order!!! They carry soo many amazing products already discounted and now through this blog alone you'll rec. another 10 percent off!!!

Note: I am not rec. anything from endorsing this site. They are just super amazing when I contacted them about hooking up my great followers!

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