Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

Wandering..... hopelessly wandering. Soo, each week I offer you all some great sites to visit. This week I'm only going to offer one... hee hee I have a reason for this...

This is a new up and coming site for a great company. I adore her products. She sells on Etsy but also has created a site, with a gallery, design team, challenges and much more! I love this because whats better than supporting those who put their heart and soul into their products and things we love.. and aren't a huge commercial company.

I decided to just offer one this week.. to give you all the time to go on over and sign up! Join in on the fun.. lets get it booming with all of your great thoughts and projects! I know all of you have some great things to contribute.

There's a bit of a catch.. hee hee. I WANT you all over there. Next month I will be a guest Designer for her lovely products!!! I'm very excited about this! So, I want all of you to head over there.. so you can join the fun with me! Check out her products and even if you can't afford or do not fancy the products help add your work to the wonderful galleries... your questions and opinions to the forums. After you have went over there and created an account give me a shout here... and let me know your name and that you registered. Be sure to share it with your freinds as well!

 I'll have a surprise PRIMA product for those of you who do!!!  As well as the JULY/August issue of Creating Keepsakes!

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