Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivation Monday

Sooo I'm sad to say I didn't get many projects done this last weekend. The great summer weather beckoned me.. I've been doing this and that... little things to a few different projects.. and I have about 3 layouts that are.. almost done but still need a few more things to put on that had to dry.

In light of inspiration.. I thought i'd share something personal. My brother is a tat artisit. He's amazing.. but I only have one.. which is a cover up from a big mistake.. lol. Anywho this weekend I got something inspirational on me!! Somethign I love and always have.. hee hee I really like it. but, then again I'm obsessed with birdcages... soon there will be a tree on there as well.. that the cage will hang from. Anywho, for those who like tats there she be.

Soooo, in light of my lack of projects to share.. I'm going to share some photo tutorials I have found online with you all. They are all super easy and simple and take a minimal amount of time. There's lots of great flower and other fun projects.. super simple.. video and lengthy instructions not needed. I've personally done almost all of these.. sooo if you have any questions please let me know. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some layouts posted. Enjoy ladies.

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