Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Layout Shares and Wandering Wednesday

In light of Wandering Wednesday I wanted to share an amazing site with you all. I know often when I can't come up with the right words for journaling I enjoy using quotes of all kinds. This site is amazing. not only are there just great easy to find and access quotes but it also allows you to do a word search. Sooo say your art journal has bricks on it... or a stone wall you can type in brick or wall and it will give you quotes that use those words! how stinky nifty is that! So, when you have a moment feel free to go check it out.

Sharing a few layouts I did last night. I'm liking them. Both took no time at all and yet still have their own components that well.... make me smile.

If you love the hand made paper flower that is showcased on he first layout stay tuned as Thursday it will be my tutorial for the week. It's much like the circle flowers you've seen in the past with my own twist to it. You can't tell in the picture but the black on it is NOT ink... and its shiny! Hee hee whats better than something shinny... I'll even show you how to make flowers that look like leather using this technique.

Ok, I'm loving this.. too cute. This is a pic of my daughter.. in the dead of summer decked out in her winter clothes.. lol. Anywho, I did alot of inking on this layout. It had a few of the background accents on the actual paper, but then I added transparency bricks (I just painted on the back of it here and there to add colored bricks), rub-ons, paint, mists, alittle handstitiching and more

This is the flower that I will be showcasing for a tutorial tomorrow. You can't tell but that's not ink.. its actually quite shinny. And well I love it! Then a little blink and staples and some ink to distress the paper behind the picture.

Upclose of the details work. This is a glittered word sticker.. I just adored. Misted some chipboard arrows added a bit of metals.. and there you have it. I love the way the mist looks as it isn't absorbed by the white circles.

The spider webby lace there is something I've been wanting to play with but haven't found the right time. I like what it adds here.

Layout showcasing my daughter. This layout was super simple and only took about 20 minutes which I adore. I used a lot of grungeboard here as I was showing someone how to paint and ink it.

Alittle chicken wire here i picked up from a thrift store and painted white and love it. then a handmade sheer ribbon flower.

I added a little hand stitching on this layout. And a little bling as well. I did this on two of the D's on the page. As my daughters name is Desiree. Thought it was just a cute and simple way to add a flair.

Here I added some hidden journaling. It's a small notebook paper with a note to my daughter that someday she can unroll and read.


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