Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TT Tuesday: Always get something done..

So, here my tip and trick for the day.. I was considering sharing something else.. but think I shall save it fir tutorial Thursday.

So, my tip for today is this.

With everything going on in every ones lives, I know how super busy we can all get. So, here' is my little tip. When I get done scrapping I don't always have the time or the energy to clean up everything. I always want to clean it all up and put everything back in its place but.. well doesn't always happen.

So, I have a small wicker basket I have began putting the bits and pieces and things I didn't get put away in. Then when I have a few minutes or maybe even 10, i can pop back there grab a few things form the basket and put them away. Sometimes it's the little things that get it cleaned up for me. i have found that these little pick ups throughout the day.. ensure.. i have a nearly clean spot at the end of the day when I scrap.

Just a helpful hint. It does wonders for my area.. keep ing it semi clean if I want to sit down to do a little something.. and a direct spot I know to look to put away odds and ends that take more time to clean up.

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  1. I have a basket for scrap papers and one for leftover embellies


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