Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This and That

This post has no real direction other than to show some things I played with tonight. Thought I would share them.  Comment on this post and be a follower (not jsut by email-so that I can see u as a follower) and you will be entered in a chance to win these flowers!

First I love hot glue.. I'm not sure what the infatuation is.. I just adore it and all of it's possibilities. I have been using it to make masks for some time. Thought I would share with you all. The pics pretty much show it all. I use my craft mat, which withstands great heat. I just make a design... or what not and then paint or mist it! The pics pretty much tell it all. My mat is kinda small.. 6x6 however in the pics. You can see how I made a 6x6 mask to make a background. it's super fun and the option are nearly endless.

Here i just got messy with it with no rhyme or reason.

Don't be afraid to make words as well. One day I made all of my daycare kids names.. they just ate it up and loved it.

Simply mist or paint, then pick up the mast and a great little background!

See this could be used as a border, or being a picture or even as a fence! I save them and use them again and again!

Ok, so the other day when I picked up that adorable bird cage.... I also ran across these wedding pieces. They were like 20 cents per package.. I got them for 10.. hee hee.. Love a bargain. I had no idea what i would use them for but tonight began playing with them! Look below and see what I came up with.

Above are the little pieces I picked up.

I began first by making a cross out of the petal like pieces. Then squirting some hot glue down to hold them in place and move them as I wanted them. I did this all the way around until it was as full as I liked it. I found I preferred this as the "back" layer and then put the others on top of it.. final pics to follow.

These were the other petals. I followed the same directions as above. Glue int he center and then began moving them into a circle until I found a look I liked.

 This is the same petals as above, however this time I turned them around. For a different look.

I cut these petals with more wire hanging off. I did this as I wanted a larger flower to be the bottom layer of a large flower.

 This is a little rose I created from the petals. Just overlapped and glued. Very adorable.

 Here are the final products of those flowers. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out! Let me know what you think!

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  1. CUTE flowers and all for 10 pennies!!! I'm heading out to pick up a part for DH truck and see if I can find any garage sales out there today with bargains like that!!


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