Thursday, May 19, 2011

Technique Thursday

Ok, ladies flowing with what I have been playing around with today.. I decided to share a little technique with you all on embossing canvas and burlap! You can also so this on just about any fabric!!!
I know how busy we all so these are made ot be super fast.. even my videos norm aren't over 8 minutes. Simple and to the point so you can learn something new and not have to take hours to do so!

 You can either follow the picture tutorial or go and view the video on ustream located here: video tutorial

First gather a piece of canvas or burlap. Turn to the back and put a good healthy coat of Helmar's General Purpose adhesive on the back.. If you do not have some Helmar... well look them up on facebook or on my blog.. u won't be disappointed. For the sake of using what you have, any adhesive will work thats moveable when it dries.. such as mod podge, which is what I had to use this time.. as I ran out of my beloved Helmar glues.. booo.. alas more on the way to me soon.

Allow the adhesive to dry completely.. takes anywhere from 30 min to 2 hrs depending on what adhesive you use. You may use a heat gun to quicken up the process but BE CAREFUL... it's burlap! It will look like this when all dry. The back will be very shinny but still allows the material to move!

Then run your burlap or canvas or fabric through through your embossing machine. Here I show an example on the far left of me painting the canvas first, then putting adhesive on the back and then embossing. After they are embossed simple run some ink or paint or whatever you like over them! I love the look and feel of these.

Their still very movable! So you can still use on your altered projects where you may want to use them as covers to a mini album or wrapped around something!

The canvas will almost always emboss. I add the adhesive b/c it hold soo much better when you do! And, with the burlap it will NOT emboss at all, if you do not put the adhesive on the back.

Hope you learned lots and if you want further instructions and how to's check out my ustream channel listed above!


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