Sunday, May 29, 2011

Play Time

I'm playing today.. yay.. working on a new Tim Holtz framed box.. one of the super huge ones!!! Very excited! Took me a bit but I finally got the boxes in the positions I like them... of course.. they are in no way close to looking like the positions offered or those I have found online... but I love it all the same! I love these boxes as I normally pull some out and put them into others for more dimension and giving deeper spaces in other areas. LOVE IT.

I like thinking outside of the box. And, well I'm loving what I'm coming up with. I have decided that I am going to use it to contain two of my children's school pictures. Their both great pictures and well it's the first time I've gotten two amazing pictures from one picture day!!! So, I decided to showcase them both within the same box... and use the rest of the boxes within it to well.. just play with and add little things about the kids in.

Here is a pic. of how I think I have settled with keeping them. I think by positioning their pictures on both ends I can use all the other boxes to showcase the pictures better. Hmm... still trying to figure out what color I'm going top paint or ink it to make it work with both the blue and the pinks I plan to incorporate. or maybe a white overall and then alternate some of the boxes with blues and pinks.. hee hee who knows..

Anywho, are you crafting or ubber busy with family functions this weekend? Let me know if you have any ideas you think would work here. Normally I just sorta wing it as I create and end up happy.. so I'm guessing that's what I shall do here as well. Just need to get the master colors figured out.

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