Monday, May 2, 2011

Challenge of the Week

So, I get asked alot by the gals I know and the gals I teach classes for on how to do acrylic albums. I've done a few but sadly no pictures of them. In efforts to find some motivation for the week of some new project to work on I stumbled upon this by the Hambly blog.

If you don't follow them already YOU SHOULD... great motivation and I'm obsessed with overlays/screen prints/transparencies. Just adore them. Anyone who has ever been in my stash.. has seen my 12x12 drawers filled with all sorts and kinds! Hambly being my favorite brand!

Here's a great link of a design team member who use the screen prints on her acrylic album instead of the traditional double sided paper or paints and inks. I adore how it looks!!! Going to work on a new album this week using some of mine!

This week I'd like to offer the Monday Challenge. Use some prints, overlays or transparencies on your layouts or cards or altered project. Email them to me (at and at the end of the week I'll feature them all, So we can all gain future motivation!!!

Here is the link:

ALSO REMEMBER: This week up for grabs for the giveaway is a very large assortment of Prima's Botanical collection! Check it out int he post Prima Creation!


  1. That is cute--you know I think I have an old metal cage from a company I used to sell for--it was to put flowers in--I might have to dig around and fine it--so who is giving away the Prima collection? you?

  2. humm posted a comment but it's not showing up, neither is your list of followers--how many do you have/need to get to 20? I would love to see your acrylic albums, I have a couple I want to start on!!

  3. ya, comments have to be moderated.. too many weirdos out there that will post anything... lol. I only have 3 more to get to 20 as of now!

  4. Very cute, and your blog looks well planned. Juanita invited me so I've become a follower. Mary K.

  5. Thanks Mary. Be sure to become a follower not just by email and then you can have a chance to win great goodies.


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