Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time to play

I have found when I'm stressed the most with the day to day things of life. I look to my crafting the most. It's a release. I have to admit I also use cleaning for this as well. Somethign to bury myself in. Makes you feel as though there is some progress in life. Even when other areas are in choas. Scrapbooking is one of those things you can sorta control... lol. I say sorta as often you make mistakes that you have to learn how to turn around and make it work. I tell all the girl's int eh classes I teach..

There are no mistakes.

They have learned this so well, to where the moment they ask me oh no I messed this up.. they answer themselves by saying "I know I know there are no mistakes." and they tell others who are new tot he class the same thing.

This week is a very high stress week for me. There's alot of very personal things going on.. and I plan on diving face first into my scrap area. I do not plan to come out until the week is over.

I plan on working on some easter things. I never know why I wait until the actual holiday to work on things but I do it every year. I wait until the week of Christmas to work on Christmas items. Makes no sense at all. I know.. its just me!

What do you dive into when stressed?

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