Monday, April 11, 2011

ALAS it's not always soo pretty....

So, like many of you out there... I rarly take pictures of thigns at their worst. But, with this blog I think its only appropiate to share the good as well as the bad. This is some of the "bad". This is my scrappin area when its not necessarily in use. Here's what happens.. I have no tv or radio in my area and sometimes it's sorta lonely in my little "nook". It's only about a 6ft by 5ft area. So, sometimes I pull thigns to work on a project into my livivngroom onto a craft table and work on a project.. byt he end I'm not feelign up to putting everythign away so it sorta gets put whereever there is a little space for it.. as you can see there's not much space persay. I like to share this as often I post pics on other networking sites of my site and everyone oooowwwww and aaaawwww's over how pretty n in place everything is. However, it's not always pretty adn in its place. In fact this very mess is sometimes the very reason I go a few days without scrapping, as I dont want to have to get back there and do the "putting away" I know is necessary. It sucks. When I used to have a room for my thigns everythign had a place and there was plenty of room for everythign to even be a bit spread out without being unbearable. I've learned to work with the area I have as there's only 2 other solutions.. move my supplies upstairs in the spare room.. where I fear my daughter would get into my stash without a proper lock on the door and well I prolly wudn't scrap near as often beign so excluded from the rest of the house. And the other solution, would be to have no area at all and well.. thats no fun at all.

Anywho I thought that maybe I would show you all that even me and my pretty prohects don't always come from a pretty place. It's often messy and disorganized. But, somehow I deal with it and make it work. Always stepping into it tryign to come up with better solutions to store things.. never coming up with anything better than the time before. Anyways, I just thought I'd share the not soo sunny side of scrappin.

I don't always get to cleanign up the scraps on my floors. And with runnign a daycare often throughout the day toys make their way into my area as well... Such is life.


  1. ....laughing out loud space looks pretty much like that right now. I did four layouts without cleaning up between and MERCY....will take me several hours to find the table top again.........

  2. LOL well, I didn't get to cleaning it this weekend as I had wanted.. and what always happens when I dont but want to play happened yet again.. instead of cleaning it.. I took stuff outta the mess to work on a project in my living room.. lol But it will get cleaned this week.. hopefully.


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